Sønderborg Distillery

Our Distillery

Sønderborg Distillery is placed in the central part of Sønderborg city. With a passion for gin the distillery was founded back in February 2018 as the first distillery in the Southern part of Jutland. The story starts years before with several visits at foreign distilleries combined with a wish to start an own business and good friendship between colleagues. With this perfect conditions and foundation for our distillery. With focus on local Sønderjysk craftsmanship and quality there was no doubt that our distillery should be placed in our hometown Sønderborg. We build our values on quality, thoroughness and sunstainability. We distill products of high quality, have a 100% organic approved production, and only use the best raw materials available. Our Distillery is placed in a separate building in Sønderborg on the island of Als. As one of Denmarks smallest distilleries we have 80 square meters divided into 25% production and 75% warehouse. Today we distill several thousand bottles per year and this put an extra demand on the logistics which is controlled with extreme precision.


Distillation is done in classic traditional copper distills from Portugal. We have a small batch production with 40 liter distills. With the craftsmanship at center, we have chosen to be true to how alcohol has been distilled for centuries. For safety reasons, however, we use a modern hob for heating. The value lies in knowing the process down to the smallest detail, understanding how the distill works, and knowing exactly when we can extract the gin. The taste is created in a combination of letting the juniper rest in the alcohol before distilling, and then by adding botanicals in the column of the distill, which the alcohol evaporates through during the distillation itself. We use the London Dry Gin method for most products, which means that the taste may only be added before or during distillation and the product may subsequently only be diluted to the desired alcohol percentage. This is a sign of quality in itself, and requires that you know your distillation process.

The craftsmanship

For us, it is important that the craftsmanship is part of the story and experience. We have had every single bottle in the hand. It all starts with grinding junipers by hand and letting it rest in the alcohol before distilling. We choose to double distill our premium gin to create a more round taste. After distillation, the finished product is diluted to the desired alcohol content. The alcohol percentage is important as it affects the taste experience, and is therefore not random. The gin is bottled, plugged and sealed. Finally, labels are applied by hand and updated with the number for traceability.


Our ambition is to be a sustainable company to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, we focus on recycling where we can. This applies from goods we get home to the surrounding processes. As an example, we recycle our cooling water, where some distilleries use tap water for cooling. All botanicals included in the product are organic and we choose our suppliers with care based on the fact that they also operate sustainably and with quality in the forefront.
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