Private Label

Make your own gin

Private Label is the opportunity to have your own gin produced in bottles and labels of your choice. We have since 2019 opened up for private label products in our distillery, and today we have several regular customers.

The advantage is great flexibility and this means that we can put together the right solution with the choice of recipe, bottle and label, and thus achieve the desired experience and expression.

The possibilities

The possibilities are many, and it is in a close dialogue with the customer that we put together the final solution.

You can come with a recipe yourself or we can help put together one that fits the desired business case.

The customer chooses how much we have to care for after distillation. We can bottle and label or you do it yourself if you have the necessary setup. With our small batch production we can produce very small quantities of very few bottles and upwards.

You can either design the label yourself or use our partner.


If you are thinking of making private label, and want to discuss the possibility with us, please contact us at

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