The story

It all starts back in 2015, when Carsten and Morten visit different distilleries while traveling abroad. 2 years and several visits later, Mads gets involved, and the 3 colleagues agree to start a distillery. The location will be in a side building to the main house at Carsten, as the children have moved out, and there’s available space.
The 3 founders have been colleagues for many years, and worked a large part of their careers in the IT industry. Carsten’s insight into the product and method, Mads ’extensive knowledge of fauna and flora, as well as Morten’s background and experience as a production engineer and work in the food industry have been the right combination and foundation for the distillery.
The distillery is run in the spare time as both have daily jobs to attend.
In 2019, Mads chose to step out of the distillery, and today the distillery is run by Carsten and Morten.


Carsten is 49 years old and married to Charlotte. Carsten was born and raised in Bavaria, and back In the early 90s he came to Sønderborg and has lived here ever since. Carsten and Charlotte have 3 children who all have moved away from home. Carsten has worked in IT for a number of years, and is currently an IT consultant at Danfoss.

About - Carsten


Morten is 42 years old and in a relationship with Lynn. Morten was born in Copenhagen and grew up in various places in Denmark. Morten came to Sønderborg in the early 90s with his family. Morten educated to be an engineer. Morten meets Lynn in 2017, and today they have a child together, and Morten has a son from a previous relationship. Morten has worked in IT for the last many years, and is today director at Hansen Technologies.

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