I forbindelse med fejringen af 100 året for Genforeningen har vi valgt at lancere vores tredje gin. Denne flaske vil kun blive produceret og solgt i et begrænset omfang i 2020-2021, altså en “limited edition”.

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2021 World Gin Awards Silver


The distillation takes place in traditional copper distills and is made according to the ‘London Dry Gin’ method, where only water is added after distillation to hit the right alcohol percentage and taste. We have chosen a method where junipers are mortared and rest in the alcohol before distillation. We run ‘small batch’ with about 45-60 bottles per production and with numbered bottles. Genforeningsgin is 44%, as we believe this gives the right combination in terms of taste and expression.


The taste is chosen from completely pure and very classic botanicals such as citrus, angelica root and cinnamon. We have tried to create a very classic round taste. Like our other gin, this one is also 100% organic. A selected panel of testers has been involved in the process and helped us to the perfect composition.


The bottle is of heavy quality and appearance is chosen as it fits well in the hand. The black cork compliments the black text and logo on the labels. The label is adorned with a painting made by Alfred V. Jensen and shows King Christian the X riding at Christiansfeld at the Reunification in 1920. Today the painting hangs at Sønderborg Castle and owned by Museum Sønderjylland. We have chosen to give a summary of the most important events surrounding the Reunification in 1920. The label is made of thick cotton paper of good quality.

Suggested serving

We recommend a Gin & Tonic with 1 part Genforeningsgin and 3-4 parts an Organice tonic from Aqua Monaco. Find both products in our webshop. The procedure is to first put lots of ice in a glass. Then pour 1 part Genforeningsgin followed by 3-4 parts of tonic. A slice of lemon can be used as a garnish and as a last step, stir a few times with a spoon to mix the drink. Bon appetite!

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